Actin, Pan; Clones 1A4 plus 5C5.F8.C7
Actin, Pan; Clones 1A4 plus 5C5.F8.C7

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Code : A00067.0025
Species: Mouse Monoclonal Clone: 1A4+5C5.F8.C7 Isotype: IgG2ak (1A4) IgMk (5C5.F8.C7) Species Reactivity: Human Positive Contol: Muscle or sarcoma Cellular Localization: Cytoplasmic Specificity: Reacts with micro-smooth muscle as well as a-skeletal and a-cardiac (sarcomeric) isoform of actin.
25 ml
Clone 1A4 & 5C5.F8.C7
Isotype IgG2ak (1A4) IgMk
Application IHC
Host Mouse
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