Code Description Packaging
01BML250 HistoMount DPX Low 250 mL
01BML500 HistoMount DPX Low 500 mL
01BMLE100 HistoMount DPX Low New 100 mL
01BMLE250 HistoMount DPX Low New 250 mL
01BMLE500 HistoMount DPX Low New 500 mL
01BMTH100 HistoMount High 100 mL
01BMTH250 HistoMount High 250 mL
01BMTH500 HistoMount High 500 mL
01BMM100 HistoMount M 100 mL
01BMM250 HistoMount M 250 mL
01BMM500 HistoMount M 500 mL
01BMN100 HistoMount New 100 mL
01BMN250 HistoMount New 250 mL
01BMN500 HistoMount New 500 mL
01BMN30 HistoMount New 30 mL
01BMNL30 HistoMount New Low 30 mL
01BMNL100 HistoMount New Low 100 mL
01BMNL250 HistoMount New Low 250 mL
01BMNL500 HistoMount New Low 500 mL
0214106T100 Hyaluronidase - kit 1 Kit - 100 Test
01IU30 Immersion oil 30 mL
01IU100 Immersion oil 100 mL
01IU250 Immersion oil 250 mL
01IU500 Immersion oil 500 mL
01IU1010 Immersion oil 10 x 10 mL
01IU37100 Immersion oil type 37 100 mL
01IU37250 Immersion oil type 37 250 mL
01IU37500 Immersion oil type 37 500 mL
01IUA100 Immersion oil type A 100 mL
01IUA250 Immersion oil type A 250 mL
01IUA500 Immersion oil type A 500 mL
01IUA1010 Immersion oil type A 10 x 10 mL
01IUC100 Immersion oil type C 100 mL
01IUC250 Immersion oil type C 250 mL
01IUC500 Immersion oil type C 500 mL
01IUF500 Immersion oil type FF 500 mL
01IUF100 Immersion oil type FF 100 mL
01IUF250 Immersion oil type FF 250 mL
01IUT1010 Immersion oil, tropical grade 10x10 mL
01IUT30 Immersion oil, tropical grade 30 mL
01IUT100 Immersion oil, tropical grade 100 mL
01IUT250 Immersion oil, tropical grade 250 mL
01IUT500 Immersion oil, tropical grade 500 mL
TCS0013-100 Iron - Liver (Control Slides) 100 Slides
TCS0013-25 Iron - Liver (Control Slides) 25 Slides
TCS0013-5 Iron - Liver (Control Slides) 5 Slides
01JGP25 Janus Green B, C.I. 11050 25 g
01JSP25 Jenner Stain 25 g
0214142T100 Kinyoun modified acid fast red - kit 1 Kit - 100 Test
01HE100T Kit for rapid HE staining of frozen and paraffin-embedded sections 1 Kit - 100 Test